Princess Parties Okinawa: website

Princess Parties Okinawa website by Fruit Salad Studios

Princess Parties Okinawa website

One of our longstanding clients, Eve Baker, of Baker Editing Services, began volunteering at local children’s hospitals and charity events, dressed as various beloved princesses and superheroines. Over time, she has grown the visits into a small business and also relocated to Okinawa, Japan. In need of a little marketing push, she contacted us to work up a quick website for her. The result,, is straightforward, clean, responsive, and fun.

Master’s Manna: auction catalog

Quilt auction catalog design // by fruit salad studios

Quilt auction catalog design for Master’s Manna

One complex facet of the inaugural Janie Shaver Memorial Quilt Auction by Master’s Manna, was the documentation of over thirty beautiful quilts of wildly varying sizes. I, along w quilters Carol Hotz and Jeanne Fitzgerald, assisted local photographer William Barnes with the careful handling and hanging of each work. After a bit of photo processing, I worked up some copyediting and designed the auction catalog. The layout is clean and minimal to highlight the amazing quality and colors of each piece.

Master’s Manna: billboard design

Billboard design // by fruit salad studios

Billboard design for Master’s Manna

This project is a first for Fruit Salad Studios and an exciting one at that! It was a terrific honor to help design this billboard to promote and advertise the First Annual Janie Shaver Memorial Quilt Auction. It was posted September 28 and will be up for three weeks. You can find it driving down I-91S, between exits 14 and 13 – on the left side of the highway. The colors are high contrast and the text simple and straightforward so as to make the most memorable and actionable impact when you speed along at 65 mph!

Kelly Lorraine Caldwell – artist: website

website for kelly lorraine caldwell // by fruit salad studios

website for kelly lorraine caldwell – artist

The website,, designed for the artist Kelly Lorraine Caldwell, is clean, simple, and straightforward to properly showcase her artwork. It was coded as a mobile-friendly responsive site, and also maintains complete functionality without Javascript, for those viewers who may have deactivated those browser capabilities.

Baker Editing Services: website

Baker Editing Services website //  by fruit salad studios

Baker Editing Services website

Baker Editing Services was the *first official* Fruit Salad Studios design client in 2007. A simple flyer layout led to a logo design, then a no-nonsense website. The site was then updated in 2012 and is currently on the docket for another overhaul to freshen its image and add the necessary mobile-ready responsive design for an international audience. I’m so excited at how Baker Editing Services has grown and look forward to helping along the way!

Fab Finds: marketing materials

Business card design for Fab Finds // by fruit salad studios

Business card design for Fab Finds

Fab Finds is a small mom-and-pop vendor booth in the Poconos that was looking for some marketing materials. The goal was to convey a sense of luxury without feeling dowdy or snooty and also to include a hint of whimsy to accentuate the eclectic mix of items for sale. The logo was designed with these points in mind and was then used on business cards and an indoor vinyl banner.

Catapulter: logo

Catapulter logo // by fruit salad studios

Logo design for the start-up website, Catapulter

Catapulter was a website start-up founded in 2010 as a ground transportation search portal. After failing to achieve the zippy, retro-yet-contemporary vibe they were looking for with a few other design firms, Jen Cheng and Adam Waaramaa came to Fruit Salad Studios in dire straits with hard deadlines. We worked hard and worked quickly, and ultimately, Catapulter received the logo of their dreams. Unfortunately, the company and its website did not make it past the beta testing stage, but rest assured, Jen and Adam are both thriving at a much larger, well-established search engine company.

Master’s Manna: branding

Master's Manna logo // by fruit salad studios

Logo design for Master’s Manna

I have been working with Master’s Manna, a local food pantry/resource center, since 2009. After an eye-catching tri-fold brochure design, a run of letterhead and envelopes, and a few significant moves and expansions to their facilities, they were in need of a slight branding makeover. Cheryl Tzcinski [CEO] was looking for something NOT corporate-feeling, a visual to convey the hands-on approach to their work, and above all else, the cross that signifies the purpose behind all they do. The logo and initial branding was designed and implemented in 2012, and the board was recently updated slightly to reflect some of their current technical needs.

The Studios at 55: ad design

Studios at 55 print ad// by fruit salad studios

B&w print ad for the Studios at 55

Pete Limosani, of The Studios at 55, was in need of a simple black and white advertisement for various local fundraiser booklets. This solid black piece really pops against a sea of whites and greys, garnering The Studios at 55 the attention they deserve.

Fruit Salad Studios: logo evolution

Fruit Salad Studios' logo evolution

The evolution of the Fruit Salad Studios logo

Evolution of the Fruit Salad Studios brand and logo.

Darnellyde: invitation design

Wedding suite design // by fruit salad studios

Wedding suite for Darnell and Ellyde

Darnell and Ellyde are a high-powered but fun-loving New York couple who were in need of wedding invitations with just the right amount of class without being too ostentatious. We worked together diligently to create an elegant logotype and applied it to a host of different items: invitations, directions and response cards, menus, favor bags, placecards, and thank you notes. The entire package came out beautifully, but not nearly as stunning as the union of this fine couple. It was an honor to be a part of such an important day.