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about the studios:
fruit salad studios was founded by kelly lorraine caldwell in 2006 to foster creativity, crafty-ness and outside-the-box problem solving.

about kelly lorraine caldwell:
obsessed w design and type. inspired by fashion and decor. addicted to crafting. plotting to takeover the world.

welcome to fruit salad studios!

A fruit salad can be made up of many different things. There is no defined recipe - just many wonderful fruits mixing together into a fun, colorful, and fresh treat. That refreshing sensation and ever-changing blend of goodness are exactly what the Studios are all about. A little bit of design, a little bit of fine art, a little bit of crafts, a whole bunch of creativity. Enjoy!

the latest post:

Studios at 55 business cards | design by fruit salad studiosThe Studios at 55 are amazing rehearsal and recording spaces in a historic building at the heart of downtown Meriden CT. The owners, Peter and Patricia Limosani were so pleased w the small ad I had designed for them, they proposed the next logical step in keeping a consistent brand identity: a revamp of their business cards. They wanted to keep as much of the information as possible, and I wanted to keep the layout as airy and uncluttered as possible. A simple black double-sided card with white text worked out beautifully on both counts.

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